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Tricks for Waking Up #6

Your perception of time is unreliable when you’re half awake.

Tip #6: Have a visible clock

You can never trust your sense of time when your’e just waking up. How often do you say to yourself, I’ll sleep just five more minutes before you end up sleeping for 30 more minutes. If you don’t have a constant reliable measurement of time, you should get one ASAP!

Ideally you want a clock that’s easily visualized. I prefer a lighted clock that can display the time even in the dark. Large analog clocks are useful too, though I have found from experience they can often be misread (Minute and hour hands mixed up, misreading by an hour. Similarly, cell phones have the same problem. You have to pick them up and press a button before you can see the time. Also because of it’s small size, you really have to focus to see the time.

With a big clock, awareness of time is not a problem.

If you only hear the alarm clock and don’t register what time it is and how much time you have left before you have to leave, you are in less of a rush to wake up. I have been saved from being late several times just because I have a large visible clock right beside my bed. Sometimes an unintended quick glance makes me aware of how late I am and my brain suddenly kicks in to wake up to minimize the delay in getting out of bed.

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