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Countdown to Residency

Residency is just around the corner. I wrote last year how July 1st was one of the most dangerous times of the year in the hospital. It’s hard to believe that I might be that rookie doctor who might make that fatal mistake.

I’ve pulled out my textbooks and I have tried to catch up on some recent literature guidelines. It sure feels different to “get back to work” after having been off school for the last two months. The last time I assessed and cared for a patient was six months ago. I hope I’m not too rusty.

I remember when I was a new fourth year medical student, I often felt like I knew more than the PGY1 Residents. I would know answers to commonly pimped questions and I knew how to get things done quickly. The new residents would often take a longer amount of time with finishing paperwork and often seemed unsure of their answers. Now having had all this time off, I can easily how a fourth year medical students can be more proficient than an incoming resident.

Like all things, medicine requires constant practice to maintain competency. Give me a few months and I’m sure my comfort level with patients will be sharper than ever.

At last, tomorrow will be the day that we have been working so hard towards. We finally are medical doctors! Finally, I am at the end of the beginning and from here on out it will be learning what it means to be a doctor. For those in medical school who will eventually get here, or those who might be further from this point (university students), all I want to say is enjoy the journey. Because the road to get here is as important as the final destination. Even this end goal is but another point in this journey. Treasure your time as a hopeful premed. Treat medical school as a great time to learn as much as possible. Be grateful that patients trust us with their care.

Here I go… into the real world. I’m excited. I’m scared. Can’t wait.

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