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The Shortlist - Year Two

About a year ago, I made a list of specialties that I was considering. Now at the start of third year, I am writing down the top five specialties currently in the considering. I’ve had more time to shadow and do electives in a variety of fields. So here they

Still Here

Just with nothing to write about… I apologize. I remember when I started this website, I wanted to make it a complete resource for medical school applicants. But then medical school started, and after a while, you sort of just move on to new challenges and things to learn. I

The Dreadful Truth

During the school year, my life is often one thing followed by another thing. If it’s not studying, it’s helping someone with their medical school applications. If it’s not volunteering, it’s exercising and playing intramurals. And throughout the year, I would often say, “I can’t wait for the summer to

Five Charities You Should Know About

As a medical or university  student, you probably have more debt than money. However having said that, I still believe donating money to worthy causes is still one of the best things you can do with your finances. I am quite skeptical about a lot of charities out there especially

The End of the Beginning

Nothing like final exams of your preclinical years to realize just how little you know about real medicine. Although I’m currently full of head knowledge, who knows how much of it will actually translate to clinical knowledge. I’m starting to grow dreary of classroom learning. It’s been almost two decades

See One, Do One, Teach One

To learn medicine, they say you need to see it done once, do it yourself once and finally teach someone else how to do it. This has always been the way it was taught. But despite being such a classic didactic model, I wonder if this is the best and

Change the World

Often in the thick of studying for a final exam, when medicine seems to be reduced to just memorizing long lists of diseases, anatomy, drugs and information - I think and ask, why am I in medicine? I remember before starting university and still was wondering what direction my life

Risk Averse

Inspired by a post on Risk Taking and Failure written by a friend. One of the most important skills everyone should learn is how to take risks. I’m not talking about foolish or rash decision making but of calculated and beneficial risks. For the most part, I credit a lot

Below Average

I was shocked when I realized my first medical school exam marks were below class average. And it still bothers to me when my class marks are below average. Medical school is humbling experience where half of the students,  all who excelled in their undergraduate degree, find themselves below average.

Medical School - Working Hard but Rarely Bored

Medicine can be pretty tough, but boring? There is always something interesting to see or learn. Although I was busy during my undergraduate studies, I can still remember days or weeks where I would be bored with school. If I was particularly on top of my school work, I would