Determinants of Health

“What really makes people healthy is not the health-care system but education, income, social status, housing, nutrition, having a sense of hope and a sense of the future. Those are the things that have far more impact on your health or my health than a health-care system.” - Dr. Louis Francescutti

A good article published by the Vancouver Sun about Doctors too self-interested to put patients first has some wise words from Dr. Francescutti who is the president of the Royal College of Physician and Surgeons. The more you know about the system, the more you realize how broken it is. When concerns shift from solving medical problems to social issues like finding housing or funding, you gain an appreciation for how important these determinants are to health.

The article also discusses some other interesting topics, entitlement amongst medical students, elitism, the feminization of medicine (more females). Go check it out!

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